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Cergis on Browsers

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Browsers are like Restaurants, everyone has their favourite. Personally I’m a Nandos man, Dimitar likes his Bodeans and Gordon enjoys the local ‘Wok to Walk’ joint. The point is that we all have our favourites based on taste, the extras you can get and how efficient the service is. It’s no one element that makes up our favourite food venues, it’s a combination and that’s why I wish to discuss browser preferences for a moment.

Personally, my favourite browser was always Firefox. I found it responsive, reliable and friendly. Unfortunately, at some point something happened around about the Firefox 4 version number. I suddenly found myself using an internet browser which quite frequently would appear to be using more of my computer resources than Adobe Photoshop at full pelt. OK, so I admit they have sorted a few of these issues out now and it’s a lot more reasonable but it dented my faith and never truly restored itself in my eyes.

Chrome on the other hand has gone strength to strength and is now, I am comfortable in saying, the most efficient and best suited browser for my day to day needs.

Just one problem, and this is something much disputed in the office and I’m sure there’ll be a counter argument or two in the comments. The main problem with Chrome is the lack of Firebug. OK, so I accept there is a ‘Firebug for Chrome’ out, and it does for the most part emulate the features of the Firefox version but it’s not quite there and it just doesn’t feel right.

I live from Firebug. Even casual browsing I will frequently leave Firebug open so I can monitor what’s being downloaded, how things are working and laugh at terrible HTML structures or shocking JS errors. Gordon will come back at me here and say there’s nothing it can do that the Chrome equivalent can’t but the bottom line is, whilst that may be true it just doesn’t feel the same. Firebug lets me see the web in the same way Neo saw the world in the Matrix movie.

Some may say that I’m being closed minded because it’s the one I’ve been using for years and gotten to know the best. To them I argue this: how is a relationship different? You’ve become familiar with someone, gotten to know them, decided you like them and made a commitment. If you want me to invest time and effort in getting to know the Chrome Web Inspector when I’m more than happy with Firebug, then I encourage you to dump your current partner and go meet someone new on the same principle. So there.

In case you’re interested, here are browser preferences in the office:

  • Paul – Internet Explorer
  • Stu – Chrome
  • Gordon – Opera
  • John – Firefox
  • Adam – Firefox
  • Sonia – Firefox
  • Lee – Chrome
  • Dimitar – Internet Explorer
  • José – Firefox
  • Dariusz – Chrome
  • Ilze – Safari


John manages the Frontend team, working hard to ensure testing and standards are kept high and his team are all up to date with the latest best practices etc. He’s a keen frontender himself, specialising in pixel perfect layouts and cross browser compatibility. He also has a love for playing around in Photoshop though more and more is enjoying the project management side of things.

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